"I Swim For Brighter Days Despite The Absence Of Sun"

Sitting out on my deck making #music (Taken with instagram)

Sitting out on my deck making #music (Taken with instagram)

Phantom Chemistry

—into madness

A track I worked on for an electronic EP our band put out. Guitar was done by Mike Burriesci.



This is a track that I made a while back, It’s got a long build up but it something I was proud to have accomplished. I love electronic music and this was one of my first full tracks that I came up with. ^_^

JetSetTed - Fly

Phantom Chemistry Album

We’ve gone through and mastered our new album a bit, and It’s now for sale for only $5! Thats 17 songs for $5. And you can listen to the whole thing before you decide to buy it ^_^ Dooo Ittttt!

It would be greatly appreciated if you even just checked us out. We worked hard on this album and did all the recording ourselves. If you like electronic/punkish/dance/fun type music, give it a listen. Let me know what you think!!!

When did these guys come around?? I’m just recently hearing about them and they are pretty awesome. Good find I suppose ^_^